Physical And Mental Health Comes First

Keep your head in the game

This is a particularly tough time for many, with COVID-19 and other pressures affecting us all. But you don’t have to soldier on alone - Amazon provides a range of support services that can help you when you need it. It’s smart to be proactive when it comes to mental health, so be proactive and take care. Know:

  • The Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) provides free counselling for all Amazonians and their families.

  • While we weather the COVID-19 pandemic, subsidized back-up family care is available if you need it.

  • Amazonians can access the wellness app Headspace for free until October 9 2020.

  • Access the EAP’s free digital mental health program to access customized information and resources relevant to you.

  • With Amazon Extras you can access discounts on family care and tutoring.

Tips At work:

  • If you’re affected by school, childcare or adult care closures, enroll at for 10 days of subsidized back-up care so you can come to work.

  • Visit or download the myStrength app for resources to help you process emotions related to COVID-19.

  • If you need extra support or aren’t sure where to turn, communicate with your co-workers, talk to your manager or HR, or call the EAP 24/7.

  • World Suicide Prevention Day is on September 10 — why not reach out to a colleague who may be struggling and ask how they’re doing? You can learn more and download resources at WSPD aims to:

  • raise awareness that suicide is preventable

  • improve educaiton about suicide

  • spread information about suicide awareness

  • decrease stigmatization regarding suicide

At home:

  • If you or a family member are experiencing depression, stress, anxiety, grief or domestic violence, access free counselling via the EAP by calling 1-855-435-4333.

  • Enroll for Amazon Extras for discounts on family care, tutoring resources, and support for children with special needs at

  • Use your free Headspace app to engage in daily meditation or mindfulness activities via your Amazon Extras account at

  • Our EAP can also help you find elder care, child care and other local family resources. Call 1-855-435-4333 to get started.


  • Accessing mental health support early means you can feel better faster, for yourself and your family.

  • Understanding your emotions and learning how to deal with them means you can help yourself and others when the going gets tough.

  • Amazon’s range of support services also mean you’ve got the help you need to look after your family and come to work.

  • Reaching out to others in need, and accepting help when you need it, helps us, our families and our fellow Amazonians.


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