My cat tried drinking my coffee.

And welcome to the newest stage of history, where #socialisolation is the new normal, and everyday we are slowly crawling towards the #Loners dream of being used to being alone. Or at least, that's the eventual goal to get this fucking #Virus off the fuck our planet. I was going somewhere with this, but that's not important, What's #important is the ever increasing number of #Covid19 #cases popping up around the #country and the #collective #fear of #Amazon #Corporate has that should they let slip the dogs of Information in regards to any and all new cases of Covid19 appearing in their FC's, that the number of #people showing up to #work, as well as the number of people applying to work for them, will #drastically #decrease amid fears of catching the virus and potentially dying. Because, you know, people like #living and stuff. On the one hand is the voice of the Employees, their concern is their overall #health and continued #wellbeing in this time of #Pandemic, because that's where we are. Everyday on the floor, I see and experience ever increasing measures being taken to prevent, slow, and stop the spread of Covid19, and I'm wondering, with the news that people who aren't even displaying symptoms yet, Asymptomatic, I think it's called, yet are able to spread the Virus, are the measures being taken enough? I constantly scroll through the group, and it used to be filled with #memes and funny crap, hell, I used to post some funny shit myself before I got bored of the whole thing, (Might revisit it, just not now) but now, it's chalk filled with posts from people concerned that Amazon might not be going far enough with the #incentives to #motivate them to keep showing up to work, with everyday, the #risk of #catching the virus growing evermore. At some point, the #carrot is just going to weigh too much and break the #stick entirely. I get it, I really do, and to a point, some of the reasonable changes proposed in the #petition are worthwhile.

On the other hand, looking at the corporate side of things, everything requires time, #money, and #manpower to build up, and while those who are griping continually continue to work, because work is where other people are, and being as humanity is innately a #socialspecies in which to place a prisoner in isolation is seen as the cruelest of punishments, the ability to socialize with others is the primary incentive. Yes, the health of the employee is great and all, but all people need money, and a job well done means a hard earned paycheck, which they can then use to their hearts content. The fact that amazon has spent as much as it has at this point, with the increase in pay, as well as the #unlimitedUPT, as well as two weeks paid #sickleave is costly enough, not to mention the hourly cost of bringing on and training the #NewHires to the various locations as well to fill the gaps in #productivity at a time of crisis where ever hired hand is needed on deck to pull the weight of the industries that have, as an unforseen consequences of the Virus total impact on the economy, have put yet another strain on resources as it is. The employees should be thankful they have employment at a place that's considered to be essential, and while there have been walkouts planned and the seeds of a union planted that might otherwise put more of a strain on company resources that might seem wasteful at the bottom line, Amazon has made sure that those potential unwanted costs are consistently avoided. But at what future cost?

When both sides are weighed against eoch, where Human lives are weighed against Corporate Flexibility, it then becomes a balancing act on both sides, too much of one will eventually strip the teeth of the gears of the other, and in tandem, eventually, the clockwork that both sides make up is then rendered useless.

My point being that my cat is now running around my room like a meth head.

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