Increased Overtime Pay For All Hourly U.S. Ops Associates

Sat, Mar 21

We understand the past few weeks has been a very challenging time. Everyone has done an incredible job coming together to help our customers and communities during this unprecedented event.

We continue to see increased demand from customers to have products delivered to support social distancing in their communities. Making that possible means that some of us must work to keep goods flowing. We want to continue to support you during this time where many services you might depend on are no longer available due to closures. Following along the lines of the $2 increase we recently announced we have something new today. All hourly associates working in the U.S. Ops network will receive double their regular hourly rate for every overtime hour worked in a workweek. This temporary increased overtime pay is effective March 15, 2020 and will continue through May 9, 2020.

Please note, this temporary increased overtime pay is in addition to the previously announced $2 per hour increase, which remains in effect through the end of April.

Thank you Jeff Bezos!!

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