Hello! A little about myself!

I've been avoiding my inbox for quite some time, and I don't owe anyone an explanation. Or, maybe I do? Or maybe I feel as though I owe an explanation. why would I? I'm not beholden to people across the world, I don't work for them, I don't get paid by them. So, why is it expected that I reply to every single one of your messages. Please understand that there is 4,982 of you, and just 1 of me, and at times it feels as though my inbox itself is a swarm of bees ready to flood me at anytime. What freaks me out the most about this sudden surge in popularity, or botularity, is the fact that it's sort of a Monkey's Paw situation, where you finally get the thing you want, but it isn't exactly as you would've thought. I wish I could reply to each and every one of you,, I wish I could be a mentor to all of you wishing me to be. I wish I could properly hold a vid chat conversation and not get distracted by 500 different things. But, for whatever reason, the best I can do is these posts.

I'm not apologizing, because I haven't done anything wrong. For those wondering what's been going on with me, with the lack of replies, or straight up denying vid chat calls. The answer is simple:

Talking with everyone is akin to trying to hold an entire cloud in your arms, like an ACTUAL cloud. Those big assed motherfuckers in the sky. You grab a hold of some of it, but there just so much more. I do not have any enemies, that I'm currently aware of, because that... would be kind of weird. The best I am able to do is to try and entertain you with random posts, and hope for the best.

Things do take time, and if I haven't replied to you, do not take offense, because chances are, I haven't replied to a majority of the people sending me messages. To answer someone's question If I think I'm too good to reply to someone: No, however, if I feel like said person is trying too hard to get in touch with me, I'll be slightly put off.

So, let me tell you a bit about myself: Name's Morgan, I'm 35, single, no kids, never married. I've been in 17 relationships, 3 of them serious, 2 of those ending just after I proposed. I've never done drugs, I no longer drink. I am an Author, having published eight or nine books, two of those with my friend, BMF, and the rest are my own. I run a blog, www.morgansmindcicles.com, a page called Coffee and the Brain, a podcast of the same name, I have a twitter, a instagram, snapchat, myspace, and several other things. I make videos on various topics, or no topics at all. I am a Democrat, as well as a Catholic. My views on religion are a bit mixed, but I'll do my best to explain:

I believe in God, and in lessons and morals that are taught in the Bible. I believe that God created the pea sized lump of matter that exploded into the Universe we live in today. that upon the Universe's creation, he/she/it left us alone outside of what is said in the bible.

I believe in evolution, the fact the planet is round. I believe in equal rights for all. I care about the environment, conservation, animal rights, the LGBTQ+ community and the fact that no matter who you're attracted to or what you feel on the inside, that love is love..

I believe that male or female, if you are abusing a child, that you should be put through the same amount of abuse that you have given that child for the exact same length of time, to the exact same level of seriousness, in the exact same manner. Then have said child/children taken from you, and you yourself sterilized to prevent that shit from happening again.

I believe that what society at large consider to be mental disabilities are in fact, our collective DNA's various attempts at figuring out various paths of evolution and trying to suss out the problem areas. Evolution itself is a trippy fucking process, we've all played Spore at some point.

I hold the honest truth that there are PHYSICALLY three genders, Male, Androgynous, Female. I believe that psychologically, there are many more genders. I believe there are only 3 sexual preferences, Straight, Bi, Gay, as well as the Fluidity between those.

I believe in the theory that this universe is not in its first incarnation, that we are living our first lives, that while reincarnation does exist, it only cycles between Universal Incarnations.

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