Dear people who're acting like spoiled brats.

We are not experience the #apocolypse. Did you get that? That we aren't? Because that memo's been flying around for quite some time, and if your parents saw the way you've been acting, holy crap would they smack the holy hell out of you.

Here's the thing: We really don't need to act like this is the end of humanity as we know it, seriously, you want to know why? Because we're better then this.

You really don't need all 15,000 masks and #Ventilators coming out, you don't need 5,000 #rollsoftoiletpaper, nor do you need to steal an elderly persons spot in line at the store. Also, if your business is selling games, and you know, not providing a service that's actually essential, you might want to shut down for a bit just until things cool down. Also provide paid time off for your employees and just relax. It's just a Virus, nothing we as a species haven't faced before, and to be honest, we've been pretty lucky up until with all our advances, we were bound to miss a bug that turned into the raving, six eyes, flaming, hell beast from the 17th circle of hell that is the #Coronavirus. Still here? Good, that was a test, if you're still here you're smart, if you are't, you're probably our stealing toilet paper.... Oh well, I tried.

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