Another Day and No VTO: Mandatory Corona Time Part 2

"The... #Furby?" The new #HR #Trainee asked, suspicious of the answer provided.

"Yes." #Adrian replied, simply pointing to a seemingly lifeless toy propped up against a tiny desk, complete with its own #computer and monitors. "Ask the #Furby. By the way, what's your name?" Adrian followed up. "My name? It's Cory, #Cory #Rona." He replied, shuffling off the only available seating in WTF8, and made his way towards the Furby, not knowing if this was a joke or not. Over at Ont9, he'd heard the tales of this place, the #unbridled #batshit #insanity that once roamed the #FC #floor, the tales of a forty foot #Tote #maze, the Robot Arm Gladiator cup, the way they'd shrink wrap white Badges with 8 points or more like spiders do meals for later.

"Just ask the Furby?" Cory replied, not wanting to make apparently the same mistake the other New Trainee's had. The Furby opened one eye, and lazilly clapped its beak a few times. It's seemingly lifeless eyes held Cory's and a grumpy, slightly adorable voice roared out. "Me love you!" It belted out sarcastically, "Now what the fuck do you want!?" "WHAT PORTAL OF HELL DID BEZOS OPEN UP TO LET YOU LITTLE MOTHERFUCKERS IN!?" Cory instinctively screamed out, unaware of his actions until Adrian motioned him over, just a little. "Look, long story short, a demented old woman with a bag of blue raspberry pop rocks went nuts, and now We've got living furbies. Mattel doesn't want em, Amazon considers them damaged goods, but they've achieved sentience and now have the same rights as dogs or cats, so just ask her a question." Adrian explained calmly, glancy over at the just activated Furby going over the hundred of emails in regards to the ongoing incidents between the Humans and Furbies. "Sugarpuff, he's all yours, he wants to know why we haven't told anyone we've got Infected here at WTF8, also, why we keep kidnapping the FBI and force them to work Tote Inject." Sugarpuff, one of the first Furbishes to gain sentience and get a handle on how things worked at the FC, took in a deep breathe, and let out something akin to an Elmo Doll screaming the lyrics to the 'Elmo Song' as it was slow roasted. Cory's ears began to bleed. "Because, it's all in the numbers. We here at WTF8 operate separately from the rest of the Locations, given the somewhat interdimensional properties of the buildings materials. "By not releasing the FBI, or telling Corporate about the Infected, we get to keep operating just like normal." Sugarpuff finished explaining. Cory blinked. He opened his mouth, thought about it, then shut it. He walked back to his seat, looked towards Sugarpuff, who'd long since lost interest in the human, and with a slight shrug, forgot he ever had the curiosity to begin with. Adrian smiled, "Now you're getting it. I don't like it either, but that's just how this place works." Sugarpuff glanced over at Cory, "Yo, new kid, you get to handle Frank! I'm tired of dealing with him. It's usually the same story with him, he keeps turning off Furbish's left and right." "So? Can't we just turn them back on? You've got a pretty accessible on off switch." Cory replied, scratching his head." "Wow." Sugarpuff replied. "The Furbish consider flipping of the on off switch akin to sexual harassment. Now get to it."

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