A fun little song

If you went to get a bar with some friends in the car Did you not feel that bird in the sky Looking at us like ants in the wind #Tumbling, #stumbling, till none ended or could begin? A confused #motleycrew of two in the afternoon The wind #howling as Mr. Crowley played that cursed violin To get in with no sin to the bowling alley with glowing pins To smell the choking smoke, see the dimly lit rows of souls Lined up for the 9 pounder to strike like lightning to metal in the night A simple creed to thee to save ye from #covid19 To #breathe freely with lungs not yet squeezed tightly To #travel from #tavern to tavern with friend and unknown foe #Lantern clutched tightly by white knuckled hands, The glow of the sign, the buzz of neon, The muffled laughter waiting just behind the door Oh memories of yesteryear, fleeting thoughts of that cold crisp morn To sing a #rhapsody so melodious and sweet! Catching the eye of some lass from across the room Eyes meeting, heartbeat increasing, Across the room from two sides you meet Mind racing thoughts of words too sweet A fleeting thought, dispelled by friends encouraging the flight A lass of beauty blocked by a friend with envy in her eye "Are you here to enjoy the night? Or take a flight of fancy? "Of fantasy y'seek with me girl for one nights passion I do forbid, but hearts be true I'll justify to admit." Your eye locked on hers, and hers on yours, two hearts beating in time, two souls eagerly prowling. A moment's thought, you lean in cleanly, your words convincing, "My intent t'was only a mere glance, from that glance a chance perhaps at romance with the #lass behind ye. If I were to be honest, and honest I be, I'd gladly face the fire of a hundred dragons just for a few moments conversation with yonder lass so sweet." Away you lean, and passed the friend, towards the woman who attracted you, A few words exchanged, laughter for a while or two, a number exchanged, a memory created through and through. But you wake, a dream as it might be, to find that lass next to you, happily sleeping. Again you awake, you heart turned heavy, tis but a dream, there be no lady. #SocialDistancing, #masks, #gloves, and #PPE. #StayatHomeOrders, everything #closed for the #timebeing. #Nogatherings, #nopubs, #nomovies, #nothing. Home to work, work to home, home to sleep, sleep to dreaming. Final thoughts? #FuckyouCovid19.

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